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Batman 1989 DELETED Scenes - RARE Storyboards & Photos! (feat. Living in Crime Alley's Rob Ayling)

We return to Batman 1989 to cover the storyboards of deleted scenes/subplots! Check out Robin's deleted origin, learn Alexander Knox's original role in creating a vital part of the Batman mythos, and check out the alternate cathedral confrontation where Joker has a different (and arguably cooler) death!


0:00 Introduction

You can check out the concept art of Batman 1989 as well as other Batman films in the giant 80th Anniversary book Batman: The Definitive History of The Dark Knight in Comics, Film, & Beyond by Andrew Farago and Gina McIntyre, which you can buy using our affiliate link here:

3:31 The Alternate Opening & "I AM The Night"

9:40 The Axis Chemicals Confrontation & Escape

Some of the storyboards come from here:

The images of Batman's alternate escape from Axis Chemicals from this tweet from Daily Batman Anthology:

20:23 Deleted Scene or Behind The Scenes Still?- Joker & Grissom and Batman & Vicki

24:54 The Batmobile Chase, "Is It Halloween?" and the Deleted Batman Vs Bob Fight

A lot of these images came courtesy of

To check out our upcoming live show where we'll react to these deleted scenes (along with ones from Batman Forever and The Lego Batman Movie and other surprises), join our $10 Patreon here:

37:18 The Deleted Bat Gadgets from Vicki's Apartment

39:50 The Deleted Robin Origin Storyboards

48:04 The Joker Statue

The picture of the gas mask comes from here, along with the timer bomb that we revealed at the end:

The deleted Joker statue as well as the photo of the tattoo store came from this link:

The Joker statue that became a gift for the crew comes from here:

53:39 BREAK

Check out our link for Barkbox here.

55:34 Batman Suits Up & Storms Axis Chemicals

The storyboards of the Axis Chemicals Batmobile sequence came from here:

Other storyboards came from here:

56:27 The Joker's Parade/Batwing Sequence- The ORIGINAL Version!

Our coverage of the Joker's parade sequence came from a whole variety of sources, thanks to our research assistant Dan:

1:17:23 The Cathedral Confrontation: No Vicki Vale/Batman Sends Bats After Joker

The storyboards from the cathedral confrontation also come from here:

1:31:05 Alexander Knox Ending

The photos of the deleted Knox scene came from here:

You can read the scene, along with the "production" draft of Batman 1989 here:

1:32:33 Kids Playing Batman

The photos of the kids playing Batman came from here:

The concept art for different merchandising comes from here:

1:36:02 Favorite Deleted Scene/Factoid

1:49:47 The Joker's Fireside Chat

1:55:53 Closing: Fan Shoutouts and Social Media Promotion

BIG THANKS to our guest Rob Ayling. Check out Rob's film Living in Crime Alley:

BIG THANKS to our research assistant Dan Yamat, who put together a ton of the visuals for this episode, as well as did QC and the chapter time codes.

And thanks to for a lot of these images! Check them out here

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