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Batman 1989 Novelization - DIFFERENT from the Movie

We cover just how DIFFERENT the Batman 1989 novelization by Craig Shaw Gardner is from the final film, from incorporating deleted scenes to Gardner’s own deeper characterization to the TWO different editions with ALTERNATE endings.

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0:20 Introduction and Who Is Craig Shaw Gardner?

The novelization appears to be going off of the shooting script that was credited to Sam Hamm and Warren Skaaren, which you can read here:

We went over the Sam Hamm script, along with several of the other drafts leading up to Batman 89 here.

We also went over the deleted scenes with guest Rob Ayling in this episode:

As mentioned, we last dove into a Batman novelization with Peter David's Batman Forever. The reference to him being a "friend of the podcast" is explained in that episode:

This news footage gives an idea of the publicity that Gardner got for writing the book.

He mentions that he had ten weeks to work on the novel, with five different versions of the script. He also mentions a deleted subplot between Vicki Vale and the Joker, which is likely the deleted apartment sequence that we covered, where Joker wanted Vicki to take pictures of him taking over the parade.

Craig Shaw Gardner shared his story of visiting the set here:

6:06 The Deleted Opening Moments

We covered the deleted opening of the film, with Batman at the gargoyles, here:

Tom at The Bat Force had the comparison of the novelization with the deleted opening shot in his Instagram post here:

14:49 TWO Versions of the Novelization?

It was fan Paul Wares who first alerted us that there were actually two different versions of the novelization:

You can get the first edition version of the Batman novelization, at 221 pages plus photos here:

And you can get the later version, at 224 pages here:

19:56 The Added Depth of Commissioner Gordon & Gotham City Corruption

25:59 Batman's Axis Chemicals Escape & Bruce's Horse Riding Date with Vicki

31:16 Vicki Vale's Obsession with Bruce & Wayne Manor's Location

35:51 Joker Announces Himself & How He Sets Up the Flugelheim Museum Date

40:18 The Flugelheim Museum Attack & Batman Rescues Vicki

The behind the scenes shots of these deleted scenes, like Keaton's Batman with the "ragamuffin girl" come from Batman Online:

As Ben mentions, you can get the Funko of the Keaton Batman through our Amazon affiliate link in our shop here:

50:15 The Batcave Sequence in the Book

We covered the deleted material on the Batman 89 Batcave in this episode:

53:04 Break

Check out our link for Barkbox here.

59:15 Vicki's Apartment Scene in the Book

1:06:09 The Extra Batman-Joker Chase Sequence

The storyboards of the deleted Robin sequence can be viewed here:

The image of Batman and Joker's deleted daytime confrontation was done by fan and Patreon patron of the podcast, Logan Wood:

Here's an alternate version by Logan that didn't make it into the episode:

Check out his Instagram here:

1:12:53 The Death of the Waynes and Where the Vicki-Bruce Scene Originally Took Place

1:17:06 What Joker Was Supposed to Say in the JokerCopter

1:19:17 Joker Vs. Batman in the 200th Anniversary Celebration

1:24:49 First Edition Ending: Batman Solo vs. Joker

1:30:49 Why the Ending Changed

1:33:09 Second Edition Ending: Batman vs. Joker's Henchmen & Joker

1:38:15 Knox & Bat Kids: The Deleted Ending Scenes

1:40:55 The Legacy of the Batman 89 Novelization

Logan Wood provided us with these concept art images by Carlos Huente of Robin, Riddler, and the Two-Face thug:

1:50:53 Fan Comments

1:54:43 Closing: Fan Shout outs and Social Media Promotion

Big thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat for providing the visuals for this YouTube experience, as well as the usual QC and chapter time codes.

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