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Batman 89 Anniversary: Interview with Michael Keaton's Batsuit Double - Carl Newman!

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

The man in the 1989 Batsuit wasn’t always Michael Keaton! Ben interviews Keaton’s double, Carl Newman, a ballet dancer who was hired to give elegance and athleticism to The Dark Knight. We’ll take you through the whole film, showing just how often your favorite shots from the film were actually Carl in the Batsuit, including a deleted opening shot!

Unfortunately, Andrew was not able to make the recording of the episode, but he did edit the episode and will return next week!

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0:00 Carl Newman Introduction

0:24 Episode Introduction

Promotional Thumbnail by Arron Quinn! Check out Arron's IG here:

Here's more of Arron's art of Carl as well as art of two Keatons that didn't make it into the episode:

3:18 Carl Newman’s Background & How He Joined Batman 1989

We first learned about Carl Newman in this episode from Bat Force Radio:

Many of the images for the episode came from the Batman fan wiki as well as Carl's Instagram:

9:51 The Deleted Opening of Batman 1989

16:18 The Rooftop Confrontation

The comic to screen comparisons come from Batman Online here:

25:58 Axis Chemicals

30:22 The Mimes at City Hall

38:22 Jumping into the Batmobile with Kim Basinger

45:30 Giving Vicki Vale a Tour of The Batcave

49:05 Break Check out our link for Barkbox here.

55:18 Return From Break: A Deleted Batarang Scene?

58:20 Other Shots- Carl or Keaton? You Decide

1:02:55 Batwing Pickups and Meeting Prince

1:05:36 The Cathedral Sequence

1:17:45 The Final Bat Signal Shot

1:22:48 The Making of a Hero Documentary

Check out the documentary with Carl donning the Batsuit here:

1:25:04 The Herb Ritts Photoshoot

1:30:17 Other Photographs & Shooting with Bob Ringwood and Anton Furst

1:35:40 Jack Nicholson, the Ballet Bat Nickname, & Other On Set Gifts

1:44:09 The Wrap Party

1:48:09 The Cast & Crew Screening and Carl’s Credit on the Film

1:50:35 The Kenner Batman Action Figures- Which One is Carl?

The images of the Kenner Batman action figures come from here:

1:52:34 Carl’s IG and Merchandise

2:03:05 Fan Comments

2:04:30 Closing: Fan Shoutouts and Social Media Promotion

BIG thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat for providing the visuals for this YT experience, the YT thumbnail as well as the usual QC and chapter time codes.

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