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Batman And Ninjas

Batman and Ninjas, y'all. Andrew dives into the history of ninjas and how they relate to the evolution of Batman's weapons and fighting methods!


0:00 Introduction

2:16 First Ninja Appearance in Western Pop Culture

Ben and Andrew previously discussed the Bond film You Only Live Twice in our Patreon episode on the connections between James Bond and Batman.

7:43 Defining Ninja and Ninjutsu

8:52 DC Fandom Wiki write-up

We discussed the DC Fandom Wiki entry on ninjutsu, which can be found here.

13:00 Ninja appearances in Batman comics

19:25 Ninja appearances in Batman live-action

21:18 Ninja Nugget: The Dark Knight

Here is the full video that Andrew was referring to:

The scene from The Dark Knight in comparison:

25:59 Break: Chat of the Wild Promo and BarkBox Promo

This is a promo for another podcast in the Greenlit Podcast Network, Chat of the Wild, which you can find here. Check out our link for Barkbox here.

27:26 Ninja appearances in Batman animation

28:40 Ninja Nugget: Kyodai-Ken

We previously discussed Batman: The Animated Series's Kyodai Ken and Sensei Yoru in Ben's timeline of Batman's training, as well as Master Kirigi from the comics.

38:29 Notable Ninjas

40:37 Ninja Nugget: Tengu

47:19 Ninja Nugget: Sensei

51:51 Ninja Weapons

52:01 Ninja Nugget: Shinobi-to

54:58 Ninja Nugget: Shuriken

56:55 Is Batman a Ninja?

1:02:29 Closing: Fan Comments, Patreon Supporters & Social Media Promotions

BIG THANKS TO: Our research assistant Dan Yamat for providing the visuals on this episode as well as the chapter time codes. Please record us a “bumper” saying “You’re listening to Superhero Stuff You Should Know” and send it over to superhousepodcast@gmail.comAlso to any animators- we’d love to see our sketches animated. Please include #SuperheroStuffYouShould Know IN the video

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