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Batman Forever: DELETED SCENES Deep Dive- What's in The "Schumacher Cut?"

What exactly IS the "Schumacher Cut" of Batman Forever? We go into all the scenes that were deleted from Batman Forever, the many cut scenes that STILL haven't been released yet, the deleted character arc of Batman, and why fans probably shouldn't expect it to be THAT drastically different of a movie.

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0:00 Introduction

Before the #ReleasetheSchumacherCut movement, we did our own four part series on the film, starting with a review:

And then a dive into the drafts of the script leading up to the film:

As well as the Akiva Goldsman revision:

The latest Batman Forever draft comes courtesy of Mindd Kidzag and can be read and downloaded here:

We also covered the novelization by Peter David, which also covers other scenes that were in the final script that aren't in the previous drafts:

And we interviewed the screenwriters Lee and Janet Scott Batchler:

We then covered the concept art for the show last week:

This video from 1995 Batman also covers the possible scenes that could be in the Schumacher Cut:

6:25 The Deleted Arkham Asylum Opening/Two-Face Escape

You can check out this deleted scene here:

We ranked this Arkham Asylum at the top in our Ranking the Arkham Asylums episode:

You can check out the U2 music video for "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" here:

We also watched some of the deleted scenes from Batman Forever in our $10 Patreon episode here:

You can check out the images of Arkham Asylum here:

The scans of the comic book adaptation comes from 1995 Batman:

You can check out the concept art of Dr. Burton discovering the guard here, though it was labeled as concept art for Batman Unchained, which could either have been a mislabel or they had plans to repeat the scene in Unchained:

We covered Two-Face's escape in the novelization in our episode Batman Forever:: The Novelization better than the movie? episode above.

The image of Two-Face in his Arkham cell comes from NygmaTech Archives, who provided a couple of the other images here. You can follow NygmaTech Archives on Instagram here:

Images of Two-Face's escape from Arkham in the trading cards come from here:

10:38 The Deleted Two-Face Origin

12:40 The Deleted Wayne Enterprises Scenes

Many of the deleted shots that we featured came courtesy of 1995 Batman's compilation:

21:39 The Original Two-Face Introduction & Deleted Bits of the Bank Robbery Sequence

The concept art for Two-Face comes from 1995 Batman:

The storyboards from this sequence come from 1995 Batman:

You can check out the Two-Face vs. (Stuntman) Batman in this video at 2:02:

26:45 Deleted Shots of Nygma & The Bat Dream

27:34 The Deleted Two-Face Arkham Footage & Bruce's Investigation

The image of Two-Face in his Arkham straitjacket came from NygmaTech Archives, with Mindd Kidzag putting it together with this script excerpt here:

29:38 Deleted Scenes of Nygma Perfecting The Box

We covered some of these deleted scenes of Riddler before in our Unmade Versions of Riddler episode:

30:21 Dating Chase Meridian and The Deleted Clown Death at the Circus

You can check out the scene from Batman Again (edited in a fan edit) of Two-Face shooting the clown here:

34:54 The Bat Crashing Through the Window Dream

35:54 The Original Batmobile Car Chase

37:19 The Riddler-Two-Face Crime Spree

The deleted scene with the hairdresser can be viewed here:

40:08 The Deleted Bruce-Dick Scene & Bruce's Bad Dream

The deleted scene between Dick and Bruce can be seen here:

47:02 BREAK

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52:06 The Claw Island Construction

The images of Nygma on Claw Island come from here:

The Claw Island info came from here:

54:00 The Deleted Red Book Hallucination & Batcave Investigation

The image of Bruce with the journal (likely Photoshopped as we speculated) comes from Mindd Kidzag here:

We covered the deleted scene of Bruce and Alfred investigating the Box in the Batcave here:

56:46 The Deleted Two-Face & Riddler Get Baked Scene and Dick Stealing The Batmobile

58:10 The NygmaTech Party Deleted Scenes, plus The Pics of Debi Mazar's Spice with a Whip

The image of Two-Face confronting the band member comes from here:

The images of Debi Mazar playing with the whip come from here:

1:02:55 The Deleted Batcave Scene & Bruce Quoting The Cult comic

You can watch the deleted Batcave scene here:

1:07:07 Bruce Wayne's Guilt

1:11:05 Two-Face Shooting Bruce & Bruce's Amnesia

1:14:20 "Nap Time, Gorgeous"- The Cut Riddler-Chase Moment

1:14:52 The Greatest Deleted Scene of a Batman Film: The Evil Setrakian

You can watch this scene here:

Additional images come from here:

1:19:14 Claw Island Finale: Riddler's Alternate Hair and Two-Face's Flashlight Headpiece

1:20:30 Deleted Ending- "Does it ever end, Alfred?" and the Deleted Rooftop Shot

You can watch the deleted ending scene of Chase Meridian and Alfred here at 13:34:

The images of the deleted Batman and Robin shot in merchandise come from here:

You can check out the commercial for the Batman Forever video game here:

You can check out our reactions to this commercial in the $10 Patreon episode here:

1:24:09 Publicity Photos

1:25:06 Schumacher Cut Discussion: Would It Actually Be That Different?

You can check out the Daniel Waters script here:

The information about the Batsuit for The Batman came from this interview:

1:39:00 Fan Comments

1:45:16 Closing: Fan Shoutouts and Social Media Promotion

Big Thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat for providing a lot of the visuals as well as the thumbnail, QC, and chapter time codes!

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