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Batman Meets Godzilla- The Unmade Batman 66 Film, Feat. Eric Elliott & Ian Miller (Batman Enigma)

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

After the classic 1966 film, Adam West and Burt Ward could have fought...GODZILLA? Eric Elliott and Ian Miller join us to discuss the history of the unmade Batman Meets Godzilla film and their fan comic adaptation. Then, Ben dives into the OTHER unmade Adam West Batman projects before we interview Eric and Ian further on Batman: Enigma- their fan comic set in the universe of Tim Burton's Batman.

You can read issues 1 and 2 of Batman Meets Godzilla here:

And you can check out the first issue of Batman Enigma here.

The Batman Meets Godzilla art in the thumbnail comes from the cover of the first issue by Kero Wack (Twitter @kerowackart)


0:00 Episode Introduction & What Was "Batman Meets Godzilla?"

This episode is the debut of a few changes to the show:

a) It's our first use of Streamyard, which allows us to show more of a visual aspect, including the art from Batman Meets Godzilla and Batman Enigma for our YouTube audiences

b) It's the introduction of our new episode structure where we start RIGHT into the episode. We've moved the Matt Herring promo and the sketch to the middle instead of the opening, as well as the Greenlit Podcast Network shoutout to the end.

Eric discusses with us about the different treatments for Batman Meets Godzilla. You can actually check out a copy of the English treatment of Batman Meets Godzilla here, courtesy of Simply Scripts:

16:57 The Redesigned 1966 Batmobile for Batman Meets Godzilla

This is a closer look at the redesigned 1960s Batmobile that Ian Miller created for the Batman Meets Godzilla comic.

This redesign was also inspired by the Batmobile toys of the era. Here's the 1960 Corgi Batmobile:

53:37 Episode Break: Matt Herring GoFund Me Bumper, No More Whoppers promo, and BarkBox promo

Please donate what you can to our friend and fan of the podcast Matt Herring, who is battling Stage 4 colon cancer. Click here for Matt Herring's GoFundMe

This is a promo for another podcast in the Greenlit Podcast Network, No More Whoppers, which you can find here.

Check out our link for Barkbox here.

56:16 Sketch: "Batman and Robin in The Japanese Bath House" (Inspired by Batman Meets Godzilla) with Zack as Professor Hugo Strange, Ben as the Adam West Batman, and Andrew as the Burt Ward Robin, followed by Ian Miller & Eric Elliot bumper

This is the first time that we've moved the main sketch to the middle.

The reason? A lot of our sketch ideas come to us during the recording and many of them just make more sense after the audience has gotten the full context of where they come from.

In this case, the scene of Batman and Robin running naked in a bath house is discussed earlier in the episode with Eric and Ian on how it was in the original treatment. To us, it just made a lot more sense to put it in the middle of the ep.

Eric himself helped come up with this sketch idea of it being around the bath house. (The thread about Burt Ward/Robin's dick naturally came from us and is a reference to Ward's claims that his penis size in the tights was a problem for the show and he was asked to take pills to shrink the size of his manhood).

58:08 The OTHER Unmade Adam West Batman 66 Projects

Ben's source is a 1989 Rolling Stone article that you can view here.

Corrections Department: Ben originally reads off that West said that the zombies would march "like Dracula." This was actually a misquote from another source here.

The actual Adam West quote in the Rolling Stone article says that they would march like "Dachau," a Nazi concentration camp, which is a lot darker, but makes a lot more sense with his comparison on how the Marsies would be lined up.

1:07:50 Eric & Ian's Burtonverse Comic, Batman Enigma

Here's a closer look at the cover for Batman Enigma by Ian Miller:

The connection between Batman Enigma's Nightwing and Batwoman's Batwing is a reference to this tweet and the specific resemblance between Camrus Johnson's Luke Fox in the Batwing costume, sans cowl, to Ian Miller's take on Marlon Wayans in the Nightwing outfit:

1:36:08 Preview of Upcoming Comics, Including the Cover of Batman Meets Godzilla Issue No. 3

Here's a closer look at that cover for Batman Meets Godzilla No. 3. by Kero Wack:

On another note, the fan made motion comic for Zack Snyder's Justice League 2 & 3 that we discussed has been cancelled, just a day or so before the premiere of this episode. Looks like there's an opening for Eric and Ian after all!

1:45:24 Closing: Fan Comments, Shoutouts, and Social Media Promotions

While Batman and Robin may be fighting Godzilla, Batman is actually fighting Robin in our Patreon show! This week's Patreon is a continuation of our dive into the DC Animated Movie Universe, now with Batman Vs. Robin.

We continue our dive into the DC Animated Movie Universe with Batman Vs. Robin. Andrew talks about why the movie’s basis, The Court of Owls, is his favorite Batman comic...even though he doesn’t remember the story. Ben talks about why the story isn’t even in his top ten and Zack talks about how he hasn’t read it! Ben then goes into the lesser known arc that formed the heart for the film- Born to Kill- featuring a villain connected to Bruce Wayne’s training.


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