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Batman Returns Novelization: Different From The Movie?!

Updated: Jan 14

We dive into the Batman Returns novelization and how it's different from the movie, including all the character information that author Craig Shaw Gardner added to it.


0:13 Episode Introduction

2:12 Birth of the Penguin

3:55 The Batman Store & Character Details on Alfred, Chip, The Mayor, & Bruce

16:27 Attack of the Red Triangle Circus Gang- Selina's Athleticism & Alfred's Cut Scene

18:41 Selina's Past and Max's History with the Stocking

20:28 The Cobblepots & Bruce's Batmobile Recording

22:31 Selina's "Death" and Max Shreck's Power Plant

24:42 Bruce Asks for Selina's Name, Max & Penguin, & The Red Triangle Circus Crime Spree

29:10 Max Reacts to His Store Blowing Up & The Batmobile Blueprints

31:13 Break

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36:58 The Ice Princess Murder, Catwoman's Misteltoe, and Penguin's Ring

39:08 Cut Moments From Penguin Driving the Batmobile & Bruce's Convo with Alfred on Selina

49:25 The Max-Querade Ball Sequence

52:59 The Red Triangle Circus Abducts Children

58:07 The Original Reason Why Batman Unmasks & Batman's Final Confrontation with Penguin

58:46 The Mayor-Gordon Scene & The Ending

1:02:32 Closing: LA Comic Con Talk, Fan Comments, & Shoutouts

You can check out the recording of the Geekscape panel, featuring Ben, here:

Big thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat for providing the visuals for this YouTube experience, as well as the usual QC and chapter time codes.

Thumbnail by Dan as well

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