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BVS Vs BVS: The UNMADE Batman Vs Superman Vs Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

How does the unmade Batman Vs Superman script (2002-2004) compare to Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? It’s Andrew Kevin Walker & Akiva Goldsman vs. David Goyer & Chris Terrio as we compare the surprising similarities of the two scripts and vote on our preferences! Plus, learn how the unmade BvS tied into the Burton/Schumacher films as we go into who would've been better choices for this Batman & Superman than Colin Farrell and Jude Law and we take a rare look at a scene specific to the Andrew Kevin Walker draft that reveals that Scarecrow is the reason that Batman retired!


0:00 Introduction

If you missed it, we dove deep into the Zack Snyder Batman v Superman earlier this year:

3:44 The History of Batman Vs. Superman

Wolfgang Petersen's quote comes from this old MTV article:

Superman represents sort of everything clear and bright and noble. He represents our hopes and ideals. Batman, on the other hand, represents the dark and obsessive and vengeful side.

This interview with Andrew Kevin Walker provided the quotes from Walker as well as the information on the script being printed on red paper and the marketing campaign having the posters change the title from Batman And Superman to Batman Vs. Superman:

“It was a combination of material kind of stolen, rightfully and legally, from wonderful ideas from the comics and melding those into an original storyline,” Walker says. “I think a lot of the inspiration, if not specifics . . . lie in Frank Miller’s work, specifically in those issues of The Dark Knight Returns.

10:35 The Casting of Batman Vs Superman (Vs Our Fan Cast)

Akiva Goldsman confirmed that Colin Farrell was cast as Batman and Jude Law was cast as Superman:

The article citing that Jude Law had dropped and Josh Hartnett was his potential replacement came from The Guardian:

Petersen himself confirmed that he met with Josh Hartnett, as well as Christian Bale, for the role of Superman:

14:46 Script Breakdown: The Opening

You can read the Akiva Goldsman rewrite of Andrew Kevin Walker's draft here:

16:29 Superman's Introduction: BvS Script vs. Snyder

19:38 Bruce Wayne's Introduction: BvS Script vs. Snyder

22:59 Bruce Wayne's Wedding Guests

30:03 Bruce's Tragic Honeymoon & Bruce Vs. Clark Confrontation

32:46 The Batman-Superman Conflict: BvS Script vs. Snyder

37:17 Break

Check out our link for Barkbox here.

38:14 Return From Break: The Dark Knight Returns

Dan did, in fact, Photoshop Clooney's Bruce giving Clark the finger after we recorded this episode:

42:24 Clark Returns to Smallville & Batman Visits Toyman

46:27 Return of The Batmobile & Return of the Joker

51:47 The Batmobile Car Chase: BvS Script vs. Snyder

54:24 Clark, Lana, and The Return of Superman

1:02:22 Superman's Loss and Return of Faith: BvS Script vs. Snyder

1:04:53 Lex Luthor

1:08:01 Andrew Kevin Walker's Scarecrow Flashback

You can read the excerpt of Andrew Kevin Walker's draft here:

As posted on his website:

1:11:27 Batman's Kryptonite Heist & The Cemetery Confrontation of Bruce & Clark

1:14:39 Lex's Plan: BvS Script vs. Snyder

1:19:09 The Batman Vs. Superman Fight

1:24:27 Batman Vs. Superman Fight: BvS Script vs. Snyder

1:27:09 Batman & Joker- The Big Twist

1:28:07 Batman AND Superman Vs. Joker

1:29:06 Batman Refuses to Kill- BvS Script vs. Snyder's Martha Scene

1:31:19 The Final Fight with Lex Luthor & Ending

1:35:36 Final Score of BvS Script vs. Snyder

We should note that the score reflects how we thought about the specific categories. While we prefer the execution in the unmade Batman vs Superman script overall, it still would've been better as a THIRD Batman-Superman movie, rather than an introductory one, especially considering that it writes out Commissioner Gordon, Robin/Nightwing, Alfred (the human one at least), Lois Lane, and Joker already. Perhaps we could've given Snyder at least a point for including Lois Lane and another one for being a better way to kick off the two characters.

1:43:15 Why Wasn't Batman Vs Superman Made?

The last David Goyer quote comes from an LA Times article that is no longer online, but has been quoted in other sources:

1:47:15 Closing: Joker's Fireside Chat!

1:56:15 Shout Outs & Social Media Promotion

Big thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat for providing the visuals for this YouTube experience, as well as providing QC and the chapter time codes

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