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Deeper Dive Into the Wayne Murders in Batman 1989, Batman Forever, & The Comics

RELEASED FROM THE PATREON VAULT from AUGUST 2021 (and since this was recorded last year, you will hear a THIRD familiar voice from the past!) In the 1989 Batman film, a poster for Footlight Frenzy is shown during the flashback to the Wayne deaths. Find out WHAT is Footlight Frenzy and how it connects to the film as we get an EXTRA hour and a half on the Wayne murders that Ben had to CUT from the "Joe Chill-Joker Connection" episode! Find out the DIFFERENT movies that the Waynes watched before their deaths- it wasn't always The Mark of Zorro! Learn the different reasons why the Waynes went to the movie theater in the first place (or left the theater late or early). Dive into the different detectives who investigated the Wayne murders (who WEREN'T Jim Gordon).

Also as an addendum, this episode was before the Titans episode "Lazarus," which featured another version of Crime Alley and Dr. Leslie Thompkins. (Originally released on Patreon as "The Evolution of the Wayne Murders")

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0:03 Andrew Patreon Introduction

3:56 The Different Movies the Waynes Saw Before the Murders

The episode was recorded a year ago in August 2021 as a Patreon episode tie-in to our episode The Joker-Joe Chill Connection, which we covered here:

Ben originally wrote this type of episode into an article for Batman Online, which you can read here:

12:45 What Is Footlight Frenzy in Batman 1989?

As well as the IMDB page for it:

24:30 Break Check out our link for Barkbox here.

33:32 Return from Break - Why They Went to the Movies in the First Place

The Fatal Wish issue was cited by Rob in this episode:

You can check out Ben's Gotham: Vampire spec script here:

And you can check out our coverage of the Bob Kane treatment The Return of Batman here:

The big deleted subplot of Bruce's trauma in Batman Forever was something we covered here:

59:51 Who Comforted Him At the Crime Scene?

1:01:08 Who Else Investigated the Crime?

While we credited Steve Englehart's treatment, it looks like Tim Burton and Julie Hickson's treatment actually beat Englehart to the punch. Our coverage on both treatments are below:

Coverage of Ultimate Batman, with a Morgan Freeman Gordon, comes from here:

1:02:40 Andrew Patreon Outro

Big thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat for providing the visuals for this YouTube experience, as well as the usual QC and chapter time codes.

Thumbnail by Dan

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