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How the Batman 89 Audiobook CHANGES The Book!

The audiobook for the Batman 1989 novelization is basically the book, right? WRONG. We cover how DIFFERENT the Roddy McDowell-narrated audiobook actually is from the novel and the movie, including fundamental changes to Batman learning about his parents’ killer and Vicki learning Bruce’s secret. Also, Ben dives into a bunch of the Batman 89 novelization tidbits that didn’t make it into the novelization episode.

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0:13 Introduction

This episode is actually more of a part 2 for our novelization episode:

2:20 Roddy McDowall

5:10 The Alternate Opening

7:04 Bruce & Vicki's SECOND Date: "Can You Pass the Salt" Scene Restored!

12:37 Roddy McDowall as The Joker

15:13 The Underdog Balloon

19:41 The Audiobook's Fundamental Change to that Joker Twist

22:46 The Audiobook's Version of Vicki Discovering Bruce's Secret

26:52 Break

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31:25 The Novelization- A Second Deep Dive on The Little Details

37:52 The Mayor Subplot

43:50 Axis Chemicals

46:21 The Joker's Transformation & Alternate Grissom Murder Scene

This Joker concept art was originally covered here:

48:54 How Carmine Rotelli became Antoine Rotelli

We originally covered this story in our deep dive into Carmine Falcone on the $5 Patreon tier episode here:

The story of Anton Furst yelling at the crew member and Jack saying "Anton/Antoine got a little hot under the collar" instead of "Carmine" comes from here:

51:14 Flugelheim Museum & Car Chase

56:47 Just Turned 35: How Vicki Learns Bruce's Identity

57:47 The Added Details to the Wayne Murders

58:28 Bruce Investigating (& Destroying) Axis Chemicals

1:00:43 Knox's Role in the Third Act

1:02:05 Other Details to The Cathedral Confrontation

1:05:32 Closing Thoughts on the Novelization & Audiobook

1:09:57 Fan Comments

1:15:26 Closing: Fan Shout outs and Social Media Promotion

Big thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat for providing the visuals for this YouTube experience, as well as the usual QC and chapter time codes.

Thumbnail by Dan Yamat as well

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