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Ranking The Batcaves in Live Action Film/TV

After the release of The Batman, we rank the different Batcaves across live action film and TV. Which one is the best? Which one gets the "goose egg?" We even include the obscure Batcaves, like the one from the Onstar commercial and the TV ones from Gotham, Batwoman, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and Titans!


0:00 Introduction

2:20 History of the Pre-Batcave

We covered Bruce Wayne's secret laboratory in our $5 Patreon episode covering Batman's first year in comics here:

5:06 The Bat's Cave- The Batman (1943)

While we don't have information on who put together the first Batcave set, we do know that the writers of the serial were Victor McLeod, Leslie Swabacker, and Harry L. Fraser, who came up with the name of The Bat's Cave..

11:45 The Batcave in the Comics

14:06 Batman & Robin (1949)

Set Decoration by Sidney Clifford

You can check out the Batman Online feature by Silver Nemesis comparing the comics to the serial here:

19:51 Batman 1966

Set Decoration by Chester Bayhi and Walter M. Scott

26:15 Batman 1989

Production Design by Anton Furst

Set Decoration by Peter Young

Check out our episode on the Batman 1989 concept art which covered Anton Furst's feelings on the Batcave here:

32:26 Batman Returns

Production Design by Bo Welch

Set Decoration by Cheryl Carasik

38:32 Batman Forever

Production Design by Barbara Ling

Set Decoration by Cricket Rowland and Elaine O'Donnell

42:23 Batman & Robin

Production Design by Barbara Ling

Set Decoration by Dorree Cooper

47:05 Onstar Batman

Production Design by Jim Millis

Check out a behind the scenes pic of the Onstar Batcave here:

You can check out our coverage and reaction to the Onstar commercials in our $10 Patreon episode on Batman commercials here:

51:27 Break

Check out our link for Barkbox here.

53:02 Batman Begins

Production Design by Nathan Crowley

Set Decoration by Gene Foad, Andrew Hodgson, Paki Smith and Simon Wakefield

56:32 The Dark Knight

Production Design by Nathan Crowley

Set Decoration by Peter Lando

1:01:39 The Dark Knight Rises

Production Design by Nathan Crowley and Kevin Kavanaugh

Set Decoration by Mike S. Huffman and Paki Smith

1:05:04 Gotham- The Thomas Wayne Batcave

Series Production Design by Richard Berg (64 episodes, 2014-2018)

Series Set Decoration by Andrew Baseman (65 episodes, 2014-2017)

1:06:04 Batman V Superman/Justice League

Production Design by Patrick Tatopoulos

Set Decoration by Carolyn 'Cal' Loucks (BvS)

Set Decoration by Dominic Capon (ZSJL)

We covered the detail of how everything hangs from the ceiling, like a bat, in our Secret Origins of Batfleck episode:

1:11:12 Batwoman

Series Production Design by Lisa Soper (Pilot) and Ian D. Thomas (43 episodes, 2019-2022)

Series Set Decoration by Alexandra Rojek (Pilot) and Darlene Lewis (27 episodes, 2019-2021)

1:16:19 Crisis on Infinite Earths

Production Design by Ian D. Thomas

Set Decoration by Darlene Lewis

1:19:52 Titans

Production Design by Ian Brock ("Barbara Gordon", season 3 episode 1)

It's worth noting that while Ben said that Batman doesn't show up in THIS Batcave, we DID get to see a hallucination of Batman fighting SWAT members in one room of the Batcave at the end of Season 1. We'll count this, however, as the full Batcave.

1:23:32 The Batman

Production Design by James Chinlund

Set Decoration by Lee Sandales

We covered how the secret train station under the Waldorf Astoria inspired the Batcave in The Batman here:

We covered the unmade Batfleck solo film here as well:

1:39:44 Fan Comments

1:48:46 Closing: Shoutouts and Social Media Promotion

Big thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat for putting together the visuals for this YouTube video, as well as providing the thumbnail, QC, and chapter time codes.

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