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The Batman Deleted Scenes Revealed

Believe it not, there were deleted scenes in this movie! Ben dives into what he found when reading through the script for The Batman. Were there moments that should have been in the movie? Or did Matt Reeves and company make the right call?


0:39 Episode Introduction

4:23 Deleted Bruce Narration

5:34 Alternate Masks for the Criminals

7:50 Alternate "I'm Vengeance" Scene

9:52 Bruce Wayne's Age, Hidden Room, and Physique

11:20 The Deleted Wayne Enterprises Executives Scene

16:10 The Deleted GCPD Scene & Batgirl Easter Egg

We showed this concept art in our earlier episode:

19:15 Deleted Penguin-Selina Moment & Debate on Whether Selina is "Catwoman" Yet

23:08 The Deleted Joker Scene & The Joker Design

You can watch this Joker deleted scene here:

40:43 Break: Social Media Promotion

Check out our link for Barkbox here.

46:54 Return from Break: Penguin Cares for Selina and Potential ADR Addition

You can watch this deleted scene here:

49:40 The Batmobile & Alfred Giving the Cufflinks

51:17 Bruce's Duffel Bag at the Funeral

52:43 The Weird The Batman-Batman Returns-Glider Connection!

58:24 The Car Chase

We called out the misconception that Batman caused the explosion when we discussed which Batmen killed and which one didn't:

1:00:46 Deleted Scene of Bruce at the Filing Cabinets

1:03:23 The Script's Original Hush Tease

1:08:53 Penguin in the Falcone Scene- A Last Minute Addition?

1:13:10 Alfred & Bruce in the Hospital & Batman Watching Selina at the Iceberg Lounge

1:14:47 The Finale: Batman's Shotgun Wounds & Adrenaline Confirmed Again!

1:18:47 Closing: Fan Comments

Big thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat for providing the visuals for this YouTube experience, as well as the usual QC and chapter time codes.

Thumbnail by Dan as well

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