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The Batman Movies You've NEVER Seen- The INSANE Filipino Batman Films!

Think you’ve seen every Batman movie? Think again as we dive into the MULTIPLE Batman films made in the Philippines: Alyas Batman at Robin- the Batman spoof that predates the Adam West Batman series! James Batman- a teamup of Batman and James Bond, both played by the Filipino King of Comedy, Dolphy. The epic mashup of Batman Fights Dracula! The Batwoman and Robin trilogy of the 1970s! Fight Batman Fight, where Batman goes to Hell to fight Satan. And Alyas Batman en Robin, the musical comedy almost shut down by WB lawyers!


0:00 Introduction- What are the Filipino Batman films?

Big thanks to the team over at the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), including Dr. Alison Heney, Kelly Reed, Solimar Salas, Yareli Rojas, and the rest of the team.

You can check out their website here:

Along with their YouTube channel:

In addition to Dan, our sources on these movies came from here:

07:21 Alyas Batman at Robin (1965)

11:40 James Batman (1966)

25:40 Batman Fights Dracula (1967)

We covered the 2004 animated version of The Batman Vs. Dracula here:

Images from this lost film come from here:

36:56 Break

Check out our link for Barkbox here.

38:38 The BatWOMAN Trilogy?- Batwoman and Robin (1972), Batwoman and Robin Meet the Queen of the Vampires (1973), Johnny Joker (1976)

We covered the history of the Batwoman here:

The images from Johnny Joker come from here:

47:02 Fight Batman Fight (1973)

51:56 Alyas Batman en Robin (1991)

The tribute to Rene Requiestas's Joker is here, representing by lookalike Gilbert Orcine, in parodying the 2019 Joker film:

1:12:38 Fan Comments

1:14:58 Closing: Fan Shout outs and Social Media Promotion

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