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The Batman Vs. Comics (SPOILERS)

After a non-spoiler review, we dive into full spoiler territory on all the comic book influences on The Batman, including the LESS obvious comic connections. What Batman 66 references were subtly included in the film? How does Batman’s wingsuit stay true to the 1940s Batman? And what elements from unmade Batman scripts made it into the movie?

0:00 Introduction/Non-Spoiler Review

We previously released this section in our "The Batman Non Spoiler Review" video:

Behind the scenes: Ben and Andrew were able to secure tickets to The Batman early fan screening on Tuesday, March 1st.

The review was recorded the next day on Wednesday, March 2nd, along with the rest of this episode that we held off on releasing until Monday, March 7th, to give people enough time to watch the movie.

21:35 Break

Check out our link for Barkbox here.

23:30 The Batman- Full Spoiler Breakdown of Comic Book Connections

The recording schedule gave Ben a one-day turnaround time on remembering enough of the movie from March 1st to organize notes for the very next day on March 2nd.

Early prep work on the visuals was done by our research assistant Dan Yamat, who gathered a lot of them for earlier episodes (on both the main show and Patreon) without knowing that a good portion of them were specifically requested for this episode. Ben then gathered the rest after seeing the movie.

Matt Reeves's tweet about his favorite Batman comics comes from here.

We referenced our Is Batman: The Long Halloween Overrated? episode, which you can watch here:

Colin Farrell discussing how he wasn't allowed to smoke as the Penguin comes from this article:

The comparison of Batman on top of Catwoman comes from here:

Ben points out that John Turturro was Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's casting for Alberto Falcone. This came from a Casting Call article in Wizard Magazine, which included:

Bruce Wayne/Batman: Russell Crowe

Dick Grayson/Robin: Frankie Muniz

Selina Kyle/Catwoman: Jennifer Lopez

Joker: Ray Liotta

D.A. Janice Porter: Gillian Anderson

Commissioner James Gordon: Guy Pearce

Poison Ivy: Angelina Jolie

Calendar Man: John Malkovich

Mario Falcone: Andy Garcia

Sofia Falcone: Kathy Bates

The Riddler: Steve Buscemi

Harvey Dent/Two-Face: Kevin Spacey

The image of the "Gotham's a powder keg" comic panel, as pointed out by Reddit user jay_zhu, comes from this tweet:

The comparison of Bruce Wayne's car to the Neal Adams Batmobile comes from here:

To clarify, the description of Batman's first car as a "specially built high powered auto comes from Detective Comics No. 30, which sounds like it was read off as "Detective Comics No. 3," which would have been before Batman's existence!

Alex Ross's comparison of his Batman with Pattinson's comes from here:

The image of the Shakespeare head from Gotham comes from here:

The comparisons of Batman and Catwoman come from these tweets:

We discussed TellTale's take on the Waynes (as "the biggest gangsters in Gotham") here:

The reveal that Thomas Wayne actor Luke Roberts was reading Batman: Sins of the Father comes here:

You can check out our deep dive into the comic here:

As well as Bradley Stryker reading off the Deadshot lines from the finale here:

The comparison of Selina's kick with Year One comes from this tweet:

The report of Zoe Kravitz coming up with the idea of turning her nails into Catwoman's claws comes from here:

Matt Reeves discussing the deleted scene of Barry Keoghan's Joker is from here:

He shed more details in an article released after this recording that we'll share in a future episode.

Ben was only partially right about Matt Reeves's photo from the Batman 66 Museum. The photo did NOT actually show Joker, but actually showed Earth Kitt's Catwoman alongside Julie Newmar's:

You can check out our video where we visited the exhibit here:

1:45:42 Fan Comments

You can check out the unreleased song from Batman, Dance with the Devil, by Prince here:

1:51:31 Closing: Fan Shout Outs and Social Media Promotion/Amano Recon Preview

Join our $5 Patreon, where we dive deeper into our topics. In the lead-up to The Batman, we covered the different origins through the years of Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, and even Alfred Pennyworth. These all carried over into the main episode once we saw the movie.

You can check out the Amano Recon teaser here:

Big thanks to Dan Yamat for doing the thumbnail as well as (unknowingly) putting together a good chunk of the visuals for this episode.

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