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The Comic History of Arkham Asylum

Zack takes over the asylum to dive into the comic history of Arkham Asylum, both the real life and canon origins! We discuss the Arkham staff, its famous inmates, and whether or not it's haunted!


00:00 Introduction

02:54 When Arkham First Appeared in the Comics

11:34 Jeremiah Arkham & the new Arkham Asylum

38:55 The Arkham Staff & How Hugo Strange Was Never Actually Working in Arkham in the Comics

59:09 Break: Chat of the Wild promo, BarkBox promo

This is a promo for another podcast in the Greenlit Podcast Network, Chat of the Wild, which you can find here. Check out our link for Barkbox here.

1:00:29 Corrections Department on Aaron Cash & Greg Capullo's Killer Croc & Riddler

1:03:48 The Arkham Inmates

1:12:48 Famous Arkham Arcs

1:42:13 Alternate Versions of Arkham

2:01:11 Closing: Fan Comments & Social Media Promotion

Big thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat for the QC and chapter time codes. Please record us a “bumper” saying “You’re listening to Superhero Stuff You Should Know” and send it over to superhousepodcast@gmail.comAlso to any animators- we’d love to see our sketches animated. Please include #SuperheroStuffYouShould Know IN the video

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