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The Flash Vs. Flashpoint: Spoiler Review & Deep Dive

We do a full spoiler deep dive into the movie, our issues, and all the Easter Eggs we could catch, especially regarding Michael Keaton's Batman.

You can check out our non-spoiler thoughts here:

As well as our spoiler thoughts with Andy of The Flash Podcast here:


0:13 The Opening- Justice League Cameos & THAT Batfleck Line

Cavill also shot a cameo in The Flash, one of four DC movies set to release in 2023, but sources say that cameo, along with that of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, is now being cut given that the studio also chose not to move forward with director Patty Jenkins’ version of Wonder Woman 3.

Ben and Andrew debunked the whole "Bruce should just donate his money to poverty to save Gotham" argument here:

20:29 The Flash's Supporting Cast & The Canonization of the Snyder Cut

26:15 Nora Allen: The Unsung Hero & Who Killed Her

You can check out our friends at Flashbacks: A Flash Rewatch Podcast here:

34:39 Flashpoint: Parents Reunion & Young Barry's Origin

41:50 Man of Steel: The Zod Mask & The MoS Flashback

You can also check out one of Ben's past pitches of Justice League The Time Travel Cut, which also involved two Barry Allens:

51:22 Break

Ben will be on Table Read Tuesdays on Tuesday, June 20th, at 6PM PST:

Derrick Magnum, written & directed by Jeffrey Scott Richards, featuring us playing ourselves:

Check out more of Danielle Moses's art here:

Our June charity is the Hero Initiative here:

Ben Wan's "Shortcut to Happily Ever After" available on the Metaphorosis website here:

Check out our link for Barkbox here.

1:05:03 Return From Break: Wayne Manor & Is This REALLY The Burton Batman?

For our earlier deep dives on the Michael Keaton Batman Easter Eggs in the trailers/ promos, check out these videos:

Check out our friends at Neuverse Creative, who will be producing Ben's adaptations of the Batman 89: Shadows comic and Batman 3, based on the early drafts of Batman Forever:

As mentioned, our guest Ian Miller is also adapting the Batman Enigma comic that he worked on with our other guest Eric Elliot. They went on to discuss the project with us here:

1:16:26 Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne & Why He Retired

1:26:35 The Batcave: Ben's Favorite Easter Egg & Keaton's Batman Returns

1:33:56 Rescuing the Kryptonian: Adapting Flashpoint & A Secret Batman 66 Callback?

1:44:20 Giving Barry His Powers Back & Young Barry's Batman Returns Flash Suit

1:48:38 The Desert Sequence

1:54:35 Dark Flash: The #1 Worst Kept Secret

2:01:12 The Multiverse Cameos: The #2 Worst Kept Secret & Our Stance on the Controversy

We talked about how Christopher Reeve almost got a movie with Supergirl (though not a Kara version of Supergirl!) here:

2:15:24 Barry's Good-bye to His Mom & The Tomato Cans Issue

2:19:39 Alternate Ending & The #3 Worst Kept Secret

2:26:06 Post Credits & Did The Internet Ruin Too Much Of The Flash?

2:33:20 Closing: Fan Comments & Shoutouts

We've covered what could have been George Clooney's continuation in the role as Batman here:

Big thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat for providing the visuals for this YouTube experience, as well as the usual QC and chapter time codes.

Thumbnail by Dan as well

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