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The UNMADE Batman Movies: An Interview with MICHAEL USLAN

Executive producer Michael Uslan joins us to discuss his ten year journey to bring the dark and serious Batman to the screen, including exclusive information on his unmade script Return of The Batman and its cast of characters, how James Bond screenwriters Richard Maibaum and Tom Mankiewicz got recruited into writing Batman, and his memoirs The Boy Who Loved Batman and Batman's Batman, a treasure trove of behind the scenes information into Batman and several other unmade superhero movie projects!


0:00 Michael Uslan Intro

0:24 Episode Introduction + Our First Meetings with Mr. Uslan

Ben's articles from his meetings with Uslan are still on Batman Online.

This panel gets referenced later when Ben talks about how Uslan's fan wishes about seeing Keaton and Nicholson do The Dark Knight Returns or Eastwood do Batman Beyond got misreported as being actual plans in the works.

You can also check out the episode about Batman being a rip-off of The Shadow:

11:06 The Burning Question- When is ____ Gonna Be in The Batman Movies?

Michael Uslan co-created the character of Captain Stingaree for his three-issue arc in Detective Comics 460-462.

15:33 The Unmade Fleischer Batman (1942)

If you liked this story, along with the previous one on Captain Stingaree, you should check out more of The Boy Who Loved Batman.

18:04 Michael Uslan's Return of The Batman (1975-1979): Who Were the Villains And What Other Characters Were In It?

43:51 Marshall Rogers- the 1980 Batman Concept Art

The Marshall Rogers concept art first appeared in our show when we went over the Batman 1989 concept art:

46:20 How The Bill Murray-Eddie Murphy Comedy was SEPARATE from the Tom Mankiewicz Script "The Batman" (1982-1984)

Michael Uslan brought up that the idea of a Batman comedy with Bill Murray and Eddie Murphy as the Dynamic Duo was NOT something he was involved in, during this discussion with Yahoo here:

The article also covers more about Uslan's time working with Tom Mankiewicz.

We discussed the Tom Mankiewicz Batman script here:

If you want to read the Tom Mankiewicz script for The Batman, check out the revised first draft from June 1983 here.

The second draft of Mankiewicz's script (January 1984) cuts Penguin, features a different fate for Joe Chill, and has a different ending for Bruce and Silver St. Cloud. (Ben references this script later in the ep with Englehart having a similar beat of young Bruce climbing up the chimney). You can read it here.

We went into Mankiewicz's contributions to Superman The Movie here:

51:52 Break

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59:23 Why Were There Two Extra Points on the Batman 89 Chest Insignia?

1:05:13 Uslan on The Batman (2022)

1:10:41 Uslan on The Unmade Batman Beyond Movie and the Great Bat Hiatus between Batman & Robin and Batman Begins

We discussed what little is known about the attempt at a live action Batman Beyond movie here:

1:15:53 The Unmade The Shadow Movie Directed by Sam Raimi

The Shadow art here is by our fan and patron Logan Wood. You can follow his IG at

1:23:32 Get the Plug In!- The Boy Who Loved Batman, Batman's Batman, and the play Darknights and Daydreams

You can get The Boy Who Loved Batman here on our store (affiliate link):

1:29:14 Fan Comments

Here is the link to getting the "I Love Gotham City" shirt from Replica Prop Store. Unfortunately, the one from our fan Joey got taken down:

1:31:16 Closing: Fan Shout outs and Social Media Promotion

Big thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat for providing the visuals for this YouTube experience, as well as the usual QC and chapter time codes.

Thumbnail by Dan as well

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