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The UNMADE Batman Origins (Countdown to The Batman)

Leading up to The Batman, we dive into the unmade attempts to cover Batman's origin, including the insane Tim Burton & Julie Hickson concept of a teenage Joker gunning down the Waynes from an ice cream truck, the Batman Year One script that predates Joker and The Batman (2022) in its Taxi Driver influence, and the deleted backstory details of Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, Christian Bale, and Ben Affleck's Batmen!


0:00 Introduction

2:37 Michael Uslan's Return of The Batman (1979)

Michael Uslan's Return of The Batman treatment (not to be confused with Bob Kane's The Return of Batman) has not been released, but Uslan shares a few details about it in his memoir The Boy Who Loved Batman.

7:18 Tom Mankiewicz's The Batman (1982-1984)

If you want to read the Tom Mankiewicz script for The Batman, check out the first draft from June 1983 here.

20:44 Tim Burton & Julie Hickson's Batman Treatment (1985)

Here's Julie Hickson and Tim Burton's Batman treatment dated October 21, 1985 (available if you have a Scribd subscription). Big thanks to our fan Derek O. for providing Ben with a new copy.

29:43 Steve Englehart's Batman Treatments (1986)

We cover Steve Englehart's treatments in this episode:

36:01 Bob Kane's The Return of Batman (1986)

This script treatment is included in every copy of Batman: The Definitive History of The Dark Knight in Comics, Film, and Beyond by Andrew Farago and Gina McIntyre, which you can purchase here. We also interviewed Andrew Farago on our podcast shortly after our dive into the Kane treatment.

41:19 Sam Hamm's Batman Script (1986) and Batman 1989

After Kane's attempt comes Sam Hamm's October 20, 1986 draft, which more closely resembles the final film, but with a ton of differences:

We covered this as well in our "The Batman Script...from 1982!" episode,.

Logan Wood did the Batman: Year One art with Michael Keaton and Michael Gough. You can check out his art at:

46:31 BREAK

Check out our link for Barkbox here.

48:39 The Unmade Batman: The Animated Series Origin

We covered this unmade episode treatment, "Vigil" by Michael Reaves here:

49:25 The Deleted Batman Forever Batman Origin

The interview where Michael Keaton revealed his plans for a third Batman are from here:

We covered the different versions of the Batman Forever script here:

As well as the Akiva Goldsman revision:

52:57 Darren Aronofsky and Frank Miller's Batman Year One (1999)

We covered this unmade script here:

You can read it here:

1:03:32 Joss Whedon's Batman Origin Pitch

The articles on Joss Whedon's unmade Batman pitch come from here:

1:04:53 Tim McCanlies's Bruce Wayne Pilot/Unmade TV Series

We covered this pilot here:

You can read it here:

Along with KryptonSite's breakdown of the rest of the series pitch:

1:09:26 Batman Begins Deleted Origin Scenes

We covered Batman Begins here:

You can check out the original draft here:

1:15:28 The Secret Origins of Batfleck

We covered the unseen backstory of Ben Affleck's Batman here:

Zack Snyder's quote explaining the abandoned Wayne Manor comes from here:

Costume designer Michael Wilkinson's connection of samurai armor to Batman's gauntlets and Batfleck's training in Japan comes from here:

Joe Manganiello's reveal that Batfleck and Deathstroke are both from the League of Assassins comes from here:

1:18:34 The Batman (2022) and Final Thoughts

1:26:50 Fan Comments

The interview with David Goyer where he had to convince Chris Nolan to give Batman a utility belt came from here:

1:30:36 Closing: Fan Shout Outs and Social Media Promotion

Big thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat, who provided the thumbnail, the visuals, QC, and the chapter time codes.

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