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The UNMADE Batsuits of Film & TV

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Check out the ORIGINAL Adam West suit that was more in line with the 40s serials, the BLUE Batman 1989 Batsuits, the Batman Forever Batsuit for Michael Keaton, the cowl sculpts for the A-list actor who ALMOST played Batman in the fan film Dead End, and the (supposed) concept art for the unmade films Batman: Year One from Darren Aronofsky and Justice League: Mortal from George Miller.


0:00 Introduction

2:31 The Batman 1966 Screen Test Suit

You can check out footage of the screen tests for both Adam West and Lyle Waggoner here:

10:01 The BLUE Batman 1989 Batsuits

Many of these concept art pieces came from this auction link:

It's been pointed out that one of the pieces seems to be from Alan Davis's art for Batman: Year Two:

When a commenter brought up the similarity, Ben responded:

So this is interesting because the concept art from the chest up looks almost exactly like Alan Davis's Batman on the cover of Detective Comics No. 575 for Year Two, right down to the shadows on Batman's chin. However, the colors are darker in the 1989 concept art and there's also the addition of the white eyes on the chest logo which isn't in the Davis art (along with Bob Ringwood's signature on Batman's chest, which is hard to make out in the video, but easier to see in the original link: I think it's a safe bet that this is Ringwood tracing over Davis.

It's also interesting to note the similarities between the Year Two storyline and Batman 1989 as both feature a Bruce Wayne early in his career, who uses guns and confronts the killer of his parents.

The image of the David Russell concept art for a blue Batman with the 89 logo comes from Andrew Farago and Gina McIntyre's book Batman: The Definitive History of the Dark Knight in Comics, Film, and Beyond.

You can check out Sam Hamm's script (with the mirrored lenses in the Batsuit) here:

13:04 The Original Batman 1989 Suit (That Inspired The Batman Returns Suit)

Check out the BurtonsGotham IG post on this here:

16:40 The Batman Forever Sonar Suit For Michael Keaton

You can check out our dive into debunking this suit here:

You can check our Ironhead Studios's website for yourself here, where this suit is listed under Batman Returns:

22:09 The Batman & Robin Concept Art Suits

This concept art by Miles Teves comes from

33:40 The Batman: Dead End Cowl Sculpts...For Stallone!

This collage of the Stallone cowl comes from Ryan Unicomb's Instagram (more on him later):

35:40 The Batman Begins Suit in Concept Art

Images of the Batsuit concept art come from these links:

42:58 The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Batsuit Concept Art

The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice concept art come from Jerad Marantz's Instagram as well as Concept Art World's link that showcases the art by Vance Kovacs:

53:02 The BvS Mech Armor Concept Art

57:34 The Justice League Tactical Suit Concept Art

58:07 The Batwoman Batsuit Concept Art

This concept art comes from Andy Poon's Instagram:

1:01:29 BREAK: Barkbox Promo Check out our link for Barkbox here.

1:02:14 The (Alleged) Batman: Year One Batsuit Concept Art

Many of the concept art shown for Darren Aronofsky's Batman: Year One comes from here:

Darren Aronofsky's tweet denying the concept art can be seen here:

1:15:01 The Justice League: Mortal Batsuit Concept Art, Cowl Sculpt, and Shots

though both Ben and Dan suspect that this is fan art.

A majority of these looks at the concept art come from filmmaker Ryan Unicomb, who has been working on a documentary covering the Justice League Mortal project.

While we did a deep dive into the Mortal script in 2017, we'll likely do a revisit after the documentary is finished and released.

You can check out that deep dive here:

The other looks at the Batsuit concept art come from here:

Cowls pics from itsryanunicomb IG >>

Armie Hammer's quotes on the Batsuit came from here:

It was very, very character-specific. It did have a semblance of a battle-armor feel, but at the same time, because it was so character-specific, it was all made out of the finest materials. Because Batman has such incredible resources, his utility belt was made from the finest Italian leather and highly polished, and the things that would come out of his forearm, they were titanium but wrapped in very fine leather. I mean, it was all really well-done, very utilitarian. This was before Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight had come out, and this was going to be the first movie where Batman would be able to turn his head [in the cowl]. We had the first bat-suit that let the head turn, it just never got the chance to make it onto the screen.

1:33:13 Favorite Unused Batsuit?

1:37:06 Closing: Fan Comments & Social Media Promotion

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