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The UNMADE Superman III With Supergirl and Brainiac?

We cover the time Ilya Salkind wrote an eight page treatment for Superman III, featuring Brainiac as the villain and a VERY different Supergirl, with some shocking changes from canon!


0:14 Episode Introduction

2:02 Mario Puzo's Superman II Fan Art by Joey/W.Media

Check out the episode of Puzo's Superman II script here:

Here's the link to Joey's IG:

3:29 Superman III Treatment Introduction

Here's the link to the treatment:

5:30 Why Lois Was Being Written Out

You can check out the documentary yourself of Ilya Salkind and Margot Kidder's different takes on why Lois's role was cut down in Superman III:

14:16 Brainiac and Supergirl

22:26 Superman Meets Supergirl- The LOVE Story?

32:51 Superman Becomes SuperDICK

35:48 BREAK- Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

Here's the link to the Foundation:

Check out our link for Barkbox here.

43:53 Brainiac Reunites with Supergirl

46:43 The Surprise Superman Villain

The Wilfredo Torres art of Robin Williams as Mr. Mxyzptlk comes from here:

56:28 Brainiac Vs. Superman

58:57 Brainiac...In Medieval Times

1:08:37 The Final Fight Against The Big Boss

Here's a link to our friends at Neuverse Creative who did an audio drama of the treatment:

1:14:02 Closing: Fan Comments and Shoutouts

Big thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat for providing the visuals for this YouTube experience, as well as the usual QC and chapter time codes.

Thumbnail by Dan as well

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