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The UNUSED Batman Forever Concept Art

We return to exploring the concept art of the 90s Batman Anthology with the unused Batman Forever concept art! Check out the original looks for Batman's sonar suit, the Batmobile, Robin, Two-Face, and the Riddler. We also give an in-depth look at the Batman gadgets, early versions of the posters (including ones of the original title Batman 3), and a look at the Fleer Ultra cards.

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0:00 Introduction

2:51 The Batcave

We previously showed this concept art in last week's episode on The Unmade Batcaves:

You can check out the Batcave concept art here:

3:25 The Batmobile

We went into the early designs of the Batman Forever Batmobile in more detail in our episode on The Unmade Batmobiles:

9:22 Barbara Ling's Gotham City

Some of this concept art comes from Daily Schumacher Batman on Twitter:

12:09 The Original Two-Face Makeup from Rick Baker (plus Chase Meridian)

The images of the original Two-Face makeup tests come from here:

14:17 Wayne Enterprises HQ, the GCPD Headquarters, and The Box

Other concept art came from 1995 Batman:

The daytime version of the Wayne Enterprises building comes from Batman: The Definitive History of The Dark Knight in Comics, Film, and Beyond by Andrew Farago and Gina McIntyre, which you can purchase here.

17:42 The Circus, Dick Grayson, & Two-Face's Lair

The concept art of the inside of the circus by Martin Kline comes from here:

21:11 The Riddler & Props

We previously covered these early designs of Riddler in our episode on The Unmade Versions of The Riddler:

Our research assistant, Dan, found several instances of Riddler concept art:

Carlos Huante did the concept art of Riddler with the magenta hair that Logan revised into being the Robin Williams Riddler:

The prop newspaper covering Two-Face and Riddler's crime spree comes from here:

27:31 Claw Island

The Claw Island concept art comes from here:

29:17 Break

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34:49 More Claw Island & Chase's Apartment

36:58 The NygmaTech Party

The costumes from the NygmaTech Party, done by Gine DeDomenico for Ingrid Ferrin, come from here:

38:15 The Sonar Suit & Michael Keaton Sculpt (plus the Cave Beneath the Cave)

We previously covered this sculpt of Keaton in the sonar suit in The Unmade Batsuits:

The Gary Ciccarelli art of Val Kilmer in the sonar suit comes from this art:

The cave beneath the cave concept art by Martin Kline comes from here:

42:22 Robin

The designs for Robin came from here:

44:17 Batwing & Batboat (plus Wayne Manor)

Concept art for the Batwing comes from here:

The oil paintings of Wayne Manor come from here:

49:17 Claw Island Finale & Arkham Asylum

We used the concept art for Arkham Asylum for the thumbnail of our Ranking the Arkham Asylums in Live Action Film & Television episode here:

The storyboard version of Arkham Asylum comes from here:

50:47 The Bat Gadgets & Two-Face Weapons

The image of the Bat Gadgets (with concept art of someone walking down an alley) comes from here:

1:00:41 Merchandising & Poster Concept Art

The concept art for Gotham (that looks more for merchandising to us than for the film) comes from here:

1:06:52 Fleer Ultra Cards

1:16:38 Fan Comments

The cave beneath the cave in the Batman Returns DOS game can be seen here at the 10:34 mark:

1:22:01 Closing: Fan Shoutouts and Social Media Promotion

Big thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat for providing the visuals for this YouTube presentation, as well as the thumbnails, QC, and chapter time codes.

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