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The UNUSED Batman & Robin Concept Art

Join us in checking out the costume designs that never made it into the most maligned Batman film of all time, including the insane alternate concepts for Poison Ivy & Batgirl and the (ahem) cooler Mr. Freeze design that didn't make it onscreen.

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0:00 Introduction

Our research assistant Dan was the MVP of this episode in gathering the concept art for us from these sources:

Skybox cards

Concept posters

Patrick Janicke designs

More concept art

More storyboards and other photos

Costumes from WeirlandTales twitter

And most images are from

A few other images are exclusively from Batman: The Definitive History of The Dark Knight in Comics, Film, and Beyond by Andrew Farago and Gina McIntyre, which you can purchase from our store here.

1:42 Blueprints!

3:06 Batsuits

4:52 Robin Suits

6:18 Robin Cycle & Batmobile

10:56 Mr. Freeze- Original Design, Jetpack, and Henchmen

13:17 Jason Woodrue and Pamela Isley's Lab + The Origin of Bane

15:35 Poison Ivy Concept Art

20:02 Gotham City Concept Art

22:15 Mr. Freeze-Mobile & Weapons Concept Art

27:20 BREAK

Check out our link for Barkbox here.

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32:35 Our Thoughts on The "They wanted us to root for the trust fund billionaire" meme

35:34 Ivy's Lair & Gotham City on Ice

38:29 Batgirl Suits

42:41 Bat Gadgets From Batman Forever

44:06 The Original Way Freeze Watched Ivy's Confession

44:56 Starlog Magazine Concept Art & Set Pics

52:15 Trading Card Storyboard and Set Pics

58:26 Batman & Robin Poster Concept Art

1:10:26 Fan Comments

1:18:38 Closing: Fan Shout Outs and Social Media Promotion

Big thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat for providing the visuals, the thumbnail, the QC, and the chapter time codes for this episode.

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