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The UNUSED Batman: The Animated Series Concept Art (Unused Character Designs)

Batman: The Animated Series is a classic, but have you seen what the iconic characters COULD have looked like? Join us as we dive into the original designs and unused concept art for B:TAS, including very different takes on villains like an all black suited Catwoman, a Golden Age style Two-Face, and a far scarier Man-Bat.


0:00 Introduction

Many of these images come from the rare and out of print Batman: Animated by Paul Dini and Chipp Kidd but others came from these sources:

A couple other pieces come from Batman: The Definitive History of The Dark Knight in Comics, Film and Beyond by Andrew Farago and Gina McIntyre which you can buy from our promo link here:

4:26 Batman

18:54 The Title Sequence, Theories, and Promo Art

20:41 Gotham City

33:38 Alfred, Robin, & Batgirl

38:27 GCPD: Gordon, Bullock, and Montoya

42:10 The Vehicles- Batmobile, Batwing, etc.

43:11 Break

Check out our link for Barkbox here.

45:06 Return from Break: Censorship

47:34 Man-Bat

51:54 Joker

55:36 Poison Ivy

59:06 Two-Face

1:02:48 The Penguin

1:05:51 Mr. Freeze

1:06:51 Catwoman

1:09:51 Harley Quinn

This early version of Harley comes from this link:

1:13:06 Riddler

1:15:15 Ra's al Ghul & Family

1:16:15 Ventriloquist, Bane, & The Rest of the Rogues

1:29:24 Misc. Characters

1:32:14 Batman vs. Joker Image & Favorite Concept Art?

1:38:44 The Joker's Fireside Chat!

1:44:08 Closing: Fan Shoutouts and Social Media Promotion

Big thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat for gathering the visuals for this video, as well as doing the QC and providing chapter time codes. Please record us a “bumper” saying “You’re listening to Superhero Stuff You Should Know” and send it over to superhousepodcast@gmail.comAlso to any animators- we’d love to see our sketches animated. Please include #SuperheroStuffYouShould Know IN the video

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