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The Unused Concept Art of Batman Returns

Calling all Batman Returns fans- Check out the unused concept designs for Penguin, Catwoman (with Annette Bening's cowl!), and even the Bat Ski Boat that originally had a seat for Marlon Wayans's Robin! Then we dive into the cut scenes, including production photos of the Batman Store, Michael Keaton's deleted Wayne Industries business card, storyboards that inspired Joe Quinones's Batman 89 comic art, and even rare storyboards of ROBIN joining Batman in a fight with the Red Triangle Circus Gang.


0:00 Introduction

We did a dive into the original script drafts for Batman Returns here. Check it out if you haven't already:

A lot of the images of concept art came from Batman Anthology Wiki:

Many of the artists include Marty Kline, Tim Flattery (who also designed the Batman Forever Batmobile), Tom Lay, and Jacques Rey.

Some of the other photos came from Ben taking pictures of Batman: The Definitive History of The Dark Knight In Comics, Film, And Beyond by Andrew Farago and Gina McIntyre. You can get it here:

2:20 Opening Title Storyboards & Bo Welch's Gotham City

The first Tim Burton image of Batman, Penguin, and Catwoman came from here:

Mark Kline did the storyboards that we showed of the Penguin's baby carrier going down into the sewers:

Some of the video clips came from this behind-the-scenes featurette:

12:56 The Deleted Batman Merchandise Store

Pictures of the deleted Batman Store came from 1989

22:45 Red Triangle Circus & Wayne Manor's Bat Signal

30:25 Batman Concept Art & A WHITE Batsuit?!

The Batsuit concept art, including the white Batsuit, came from here:

33:23 Batmobile Weapons and Arctic Zoo/Penguin Hideout Concept Art

38:12 The Penguin's Original Character Designs

San Diego Comic Fest FB page provided a bunch of the Penguin concept art:

The Art of Tim Burton Tumbler also gave the concept art of the Penguin with the Red Triangle Circus Gang:

Stan Winston's website also provided some concept art looks of the development of Penguin:

The quote about "Jimmy the Hideous Penguin Boy" came from The Hollywood Reporter:

“When I met with Tim, he gave me a painting of this little creature on a yellow ball with red and white stripes,” says the star. “The caption is ‘My name is Jimmy, but my friends call me the hideous penguin boy.’ I’m staring at it right now. I carry it around with me wherever I go.”

43:57 Selina Kyle's Origin & The Deleted Chip Shreck Scene

The Mark Anthony Jackson storyboards of Selina's origins (as well as her confrontation with Batman) came from here:

47:32 The Catwoman Character Designs & The Annette Bening Catwoman Cowl Sculpt

Some of the concept art for Catwoman came from: in "The Art of Tim Burton" book

As well as the 90ssuperheroes Tumbler:

Comic Book Resources also had concept art (though do NOT believe the Robin concept art coming from Batman Returns as this was concept art from Batman Forever that CBR misinterpreted as being for Returns.):

The pictures of the original Catwoman cowl (with the nose) came from the Facebook Ironhead Studio post, which stated that it was originally done for Annette Bening:

56:03 BREAK (Barkbox)

Check out our link for Barkbox here.

56:54 The White Batsuit & The White Ninjas

59:31 The Rubber Duck, The Batcave, the Unused Batcomputer Design, and Wayne Manor

1:05:12 The Deleted Max-Schreck-and Bruce Wayne Scene & Michael Keaton's Deleted Wayne Industries Card

The deleted Wayne Industries card came from the BurtonsGotham IG account:

1:08:21 Oswald For Mayor Concept Art & The Calm Before the Storm Deleted Scene

1:13:21 Batman vs. The Batman Imposters & The Unused Batarang Concept Art

The Jose Luis Garcia Lopez art of the Batman imposters came from Batman Anthology Wiki:

1:15:53 The Michael Anthony Jackson Storyboards Vs Joe Quinones's Batman 89 Art & The Batsuit Vault Concept Art

The Batcave concept art of the vault of Batsuits came from here:

1:18:19 The Penguin Takes Over the Batmobile & Batmissile Concept Art

Propstore Auction gave the storyboards of the Batman vs. Penguin sequence in the Batmobile, with Penguin using the Batmobile's guns against him:

1:21:24 The Deleted Robin Storyboards (RARE)

1:23:18 The Deleted Shreck Party & Red Triangle Circus Kidnapping Scenes

1:28:02 The INSANE Penguin Army Concept Art

Tim Flattery site also provided concept art for the Bat Missile and the Army of Penguins:

Stan Winston's website provided more of the looks at the Penguin Army:

1:36:34 The Bat Ski Boat Concept Art (And Robin's Role) & The Deleted Abandoned Amusement Park Finale

1:44:25 The Deleted Ending with The Mayor & Gordon & Bob Kane's Batman Returns Art

The Bob Kane art for Batman Returns came from here:

1:47:31 Favorite Unused Concept Art?

1:52:49 Closing: Fan Comments & Social Media Promotion

BIG THANKS to our research assistant Dan Yamat for providing a lot of the visuals as well as doing QC and writing the chapter time codes.

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