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The Unused Dark Knight Concept Art

Updated: Jul 25

We go over the different concept designs of The Joker in The Dark Knight while throwing out our takes on "The Joker role killed Heath Ledger" narrative, Bruce/Batman's characterization in the movie, and whether or not we consider TDK to be the "best DC film."


0:13 Episode Introduction

2:37 Gotham City Concept Art & The Bat Bunker

5:50 The Batsuit & Our Pitch for A "Bruce Wayne in Training" Show

19:59 Debating The "Joker Role Killed Heath Ledger" Narrative

Our Patreon patron Alex Ramsey found the video of Ledger skateboarding on set here:

28:48 The Joker Concept Art, Plus Johnny Rotten & Francis Bacon Influences

53:53 Break

Ben was on Table Read Tuesdays as the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman in a live reading of the Sam Hamm 1986 draft for Batman 1989:

Derrick Magnum, written & directed by Jeffrey Scott Richards, featuring us playing ourselves:

Check out our friends at Neuverse Creative, who will be producing Ben's adaptations of Batman 89: The Case of the Chemical Syndicate, Batman 89: Shadows comic and Batman 3, based on the early drafts of Batman Forever:

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YouTube version:

Our July charity here:

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1:08:27 Return from Break: Concept Art for Different Scenes/Locales

Featuring the concept art of Jamie Rama

And Rob Bliss

1:18:39 Two-Face

1:24:42 Closing: Fan Comments

1:31:13 Reply to Fan Comment- Why We Don't Rank The Dark Knight as the Best DC Film

1:50:06 Closing: Fan Shoutouts

Big thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat for providing the visuals for this YouTube experience, as well as the usual QC and chapter time codes.

Thumbnail by Dan as well

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