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Themiscyra- Greek Mythology vs. DC

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

(By Ben Wan)

How well do YOU know the Amazons? In a special role reversal episode, Andrew takes over to discuss the differences between Themiscyra/Paradise Island in the DC Universe and the legends of the Amazons in Greek mythology. Recorded on the birthday of Wonder Woman’s creator- May 9th - we dive into the real life origins of Wonder Woman from William Moulton Marston before comparing the Amazons of the DC Universe to their ancient counterparts.

CHAPTERS: 0:04 Matt Herring GoFund Me Bumper Please donate what you can to our friend and fan of the podcast Matt Herring, who is battling Stage 4 colon cancer. Click here for Matt Herring's GoFundMe 1:45 Opening Sketch: "Two-Face Flips the Coin" with Zachary Brown as the Tommy Lee Jones Two-Face, Andrew as Riddler, and Ben as Batman This is a reference to Batman Forever, with Tommy Lee Jones’s Two-Face flipping the coin multiple times in Wayne Manor until it lands on the scarred side. 5:14 Episode Introduction 6:33 Ben's Corrections Department on The Secret Origins of Ben Affleck's Batman episode We correct a few points in the episode that we already brought up in our Show Notes, but in case you missed it, here’s the episode:

And here are the Show Notes. 7:19 Andrew on Worlds and Mythology 10:21 William Moulton Marston and the Origins of Wonder Woman & Paradise Island, the original name for Themiscyra Here’s the William Moulton Marston quote from The American Scholar: "Not even girls want to be girls so long as our feminine archetype lacks force, strength, and power. Not wanting to be girls, they don't want to be tender, submissive, peace-loving as good women are. Women's strong qualities have become despised because of their weakness. The obvious remedy is to create a feminine character with all the strength of Superman plus all the allure of a good and beautiful woman." An additional Marston quote: "Wonder Woman is psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who should, I believe, rule the world.” 19:30 Themiscyra & Where It's Located in Greek Mythology, DC, and Real Life Patty Jenkins on the location of Themiscyra: “Mine is probably somewhere right in the Mediterranean. Surrounded and influenced a little bit by all of the different cultures that rim the Mediterranean, so there’s everything from European to Middle Eastern to Moroccan.” 35:51 DC Comics: The Upbringing of the Amazons and...their Kangaroos?! 43:28 Break: No More Whoppers promo, "Hal Jordan vs. Riddler" sketch, Patreon promo This is a promo for another podcast in the Greenlit Podcast Network, No More Whoppers, which you can find here. The “Hal Jordan vs. Riddler” sketch originated from the Patreon episode, “The History of Bruce Wayne and Lois Lane’s Romance??” 46:37 Return from Break: Ben Clarifies Zeus's Status and the Origin of Themiscyra In the DCEU 47:58 The Amazons & All The Different Versions of How They Procreate 1:02:29 The Origin of the Word Amazon & The Legend of the Amazons Being One-Breasted Here is the interview with Gal Gadot that Ben referenced where Gal talks about Amazons being one-breasted: “Wonder Woman is an Amazon. [Which means that] I should only have one boob so they are lucky they are getting two small boobs.” 1:14:02 The Amazons' Bisexuality & Addressing the Question, "Should Politics Be Left Out of Comics?" 1:22:58 William Moulton Marston's View of the Future Marston wrote between 1931 and 1947 in an unpublished manuscript revealed by Jill Lepore, a future world that “may seem fantastic” in which “it becomes the usual thing instead of the exception to have women senators, women legislators, women governors, and a woman president.” If such things seem impossible, he mused, well, “so did the submarine envisaged by Jules Verne, legalized birth control . . . and equal political rights for women.”

1:24:15 Do Amazons Have to Eat? 1:25:51 Final Thoughts 1:28:29 Closing: Fan Comments and Social Media Promotion For the $5 Patreon tier members, we did a deep dive into the OTHER Amazons of Themiscyra seen in Wonder Woman (2017) and in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021):

You already know Wonder Woman, her mother Hippolyta, and her aunt Antiope...but what about the OTHER Amazons in the DCEU? Ben dives into each of the Amazons that we’ve met in the films and their comic book backstories. Find out which actresses have ALSO played Kryptonians, which of them is actually Diana’s OTHER aunt in the comics who got together with Orm in Flashpoint, which one has a connection to the DAUGHTER of Darkseid, and which TWO took on the mantle of Wonder Woman at some point! Join the $5 Patreon and check out the episode here. THANKS TO OUR GUEST: ZacharyJacksonBrownArt (who also did the thumbnail) IG: @zacharyjacksonbrownart Please record us a “bumper” saying “You’re listening to Superhero Stuff You Should Know” and send it over to Also to any animators- we’d love to see our sketches animated. Please include #SuperheroStuffYouShould Know IN the video Become a part of the Shasta Army on our Patreon page: SuperHouse on iTunes: Please leave us a review in iTunes! SuperHouse on Spotify: INSTAGRAM: @superherostuffpod TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Please join our Facebook group where you can interact with us and other fans! YOUTUBE: Please email us at: ANDREW’S CHANNEL/WEBSITE: IG: ThunderWolfDrew Twitter: ThunderWolfDrew YouTube: Website: BEN'S CHANNEL/WEBSITE: IG: BenWanWriter My Cat’s IG: AlfiePennyworthCat Earl E. Bird- upcoming children’s comic: YouTube: Website: SUPERHOUSE MERCH: Teepublic Threadless

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