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What We Learned at the Batman Returns 30th Anniversary Event!

Ben went to Nostalgic Nebula’s Batman Returns 30th Anniversary event in Hollywood, the closest experience to a Comic Con centered on the Tim Burton Batman! Here he recaps what happened, who he met, and what he learned, from Michelle Pfeiffer’s whip training to how Doug Jones wound up as the Thin Clown to what mistake led to DeVito having “gushing nose blood” shoot into his mouth!

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0:17 Introduction

You can check out the website set up for the event here:

As well as call 1-606-SHRECKS to hear Cody Chavez of Nostalgic Nebula recite the Gotham Lady Perfume ad from Selina's voicemail in the movie

5:31 Meeting the Gotham City Criminals: Greg Cummins (Acrobat Thug), Henry Kingi (Mugger), and Branscombe Richmond (Terrifying Clown)

9:48 The Makeup of Penguin and Catwoman

For a listing of the people involved, our main source were Nostalgic Nebula's postings here:

"Thank you to everyone who attended our Batman Returns 30th anniversary screening and Q&A at @the_montalban in Hollywood!

Thanks to @therealve (Ve Neill), @ronnielspecter (Ronnie L. Specter), @sonofpumpkinhead (David Woodruff), @misschrissylyn (Chrissy Lyn), @chadhatter (Chad Edward Lee Evett) and their teams, and @tyouss28 (Travis Youssef) as Batman, @kaylaj9 (Kayla Emerson) as Catwoman, and @madhatterboy_ (Connor Breen) as the hideous Penguin man!

Thanks to moderator @deverill_weekes (Deverill Weekes), @birkinx17 (Daniel Waters), @branscombe_richmond (Branscombe Richmond), Henry Kingi, @gregoryscottcummins (Gregory Scott Cummins), @steve.witting (Steve Witting), @yolandatoussieng (Yolanda Toussieng), Shane Mahan, Tom Duffield, @rob_burmans_lab (Rob Burman), and @theschoneberg (Andy Schoneberg) and the special video appearance by @actordougjones (Doug Jones)!

HUGE thanks to @theanthonydelongis (Anthony DeLongis) and Dr. Mary DeLongis, along with @kaylaj9 (Kayla Emerson)!

Big applause and thanks to our string ensemble:

Lucy Lu Violin 1 @violinbablylu

Lisa Grzanka Violin 2 @justlisag

Matthew Witmer Viola @matthewwitmer

Mikala Schmitz Cello @beastycello

Flora Cheng Conductor @florachengmusic"

Connor Breen's Instagram can be seen here:

This post includes credits to those who worked on the overall Penguin costume:

"“I played this stinkin city, like a harp from hell!”

I’m so happy I was finally able to do this character! For the 30th Anniversary of Batman returns, we held an event at the Montalban theater in Hollywood where 3 time Oscar winner @therealve turned me into the Penguin! I want to say it took about 3 hours to get into makeup and incorporates 4 prosthetic appliqués and a custom made wig. Plus the brow and nose piece is sculpted off of an unused piece from production!

This was such a cool and huge project and I’m so happy I got to be a part of it. I really hope we get to bring this one back because I had way to much fun being this character.

Now we roll credits

Makeup by @therealve (Ve Neill)

Makeup [assist] and nose sculpt @sonofpumpkinhead (David Woodruff)

Chin wrap sculpt by @michaelshawnmccracken (Michael Shawn McCracken)

Penguin teeth by @stevelaporte_facemaker (Steve La Porte)

Wig by @robpickens (Rob Pickens)

Hair styling by @yolandatoussieng (Yolanda Toussieng)

Costume by @chadhatter (Chad Edward Lee Evett)

Penguin body pod by @miloingeneral (Milo Dennison)

Prosthetics provided by @rbfx (RBFX Studio)"

This episode was recorded before Nostalgic Nebula posted further credits on Catwoman and Batman.

This post features credits to the people who made Catwoman possible:

Makeup,hair,and wig by @ronnielspecter her niece Sammie and @misschrissylyn

Bodysuit, corset, and boots sourced by @gregmaraio

Stitches cast in @blacklagoonsupply latex (thanks @aldeeezy117 )

Gloves from @vixen_by_micheline_pitt and claws made by myself."

While this features credits to those who made Batman possible:

@sonofpumpkinhead@tyouss28 as Batman, Cowl by Makso Balazs, Cape by James Doherty, Belt by @stacey_props Boots by Cody Butler, Armor is Paul Roberts with @kaylaj9 as Catwoman for @nostalgicnebula

15:10 The String Quartet of Danny Elfman’s Batman Returns Score

You can check out a clip of the quartet's performance here:


Lucy Lu Violin 1 @violinbablylu

Lisa Grzanka Violin 2 @justlisag

Matthew Witmer Viola @matthewwitmer

Mikala Schmitz Cello @beastycello

Flora Cheng Conductor @florachengmusic"

18:32 Anthony DeLongis on Catwoman’s Whip Work

28:10 Break

Check out our link for Barkbox here.

34:27 Batman Returns Guests

37:56 Doug Jones’s Stories

43:38 Other BTS Stories from the Batman Returns Panel

1:00:59 Fan Comments

1:04:56 Closing: Fan Shoutouts and Social Media Promotion

Big thanks to our research assistant Dan Yamat for providing the visuals for this YouTube experience, as well as the usual QC and chapter time codes.

Thumbnail by Dan as well

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